Hi. Nice To Meet You.
My name is Peter and I live in Toronto.
Overt the  years I spoke with many people on line…
After some conversation I was always finding out that they
need some support, help or

Simply people go out on net hopping to find comfort…
We think so…

After thinking for a moment I have decided to make it
a bit more formal so I created this site.

It represents our Distress Center
which we will be used to help  others… Simply by
conversation and next in any other possible form
through means we may obtain or be willing
to share…

So first conversation and
next we will try to make our lives
easier and happier…

We believe that in the beginning
people had only each other and it was
working for them…

These days we can obtain a lot
but seems we have a problem to
be together.

We are planning to change that and
once more try to live like a real family…